Homes for Sale in Acworth, Ga

WELCOME TO Acworth, Georgia! Timing is everything! Give us a call if you're searching for Homes for Sale in Acworth, Ga. You will not be disappointed when you move to Acworth. An upbeat city offering excellent public schools, shopping, job opportunities and much, much more!...

How to purchase a HUD home in Atlanta

Over the last three years our real estate industry has changes dramatically. Before the market turned down, the decision for most purchasers were to buy a new or resale home. Today the choices are different. Our new market has added short sales and foreclosures. Today, we will focus on Housing and Urban Development (HUD) homes. There are basic questions we need to discuss.

How to purchase a home in Atlanta Georgia

Four or five years ago this would have been an easy question to answer for a Realtor; even a novice Realtor. Today, it is more difficult to answer this question. Why? Today we have three basic categories of houses to purchase, with a fourth on its way back. What are they? Regular sales, short sales, foreclosures and the rebounding new home market. Let’s discuss each one of these a little.