Homes for Sale in Acworth, Ga

Homes for Sale in Acworth, Ga
WELCOME TO Acworth, Georgia! Timing is everything! Give us a call if you’re searching for Homes for Sale in Acworth, Ga. You will not be disappointed when you move to Acworth. An upbeat city offering excellent public schools, shopping, job opportunities and much, much more! We are in a buyer’s market. It’s a great time to purchase a home in Acworth. Please take a minute to review some local factors that affect home values in Acworth:

Median household income: $68,596

Median home price: $187,250

Sales tax: 5.06%

State sales tax: 6.00%

Population (surrounding areas): 89,087

Population increase since 1990: 22.24%

Movie theaters (w/i 15 miles): 4

Restaurants (w/i 15 miles): 1,856

Public golf courses (w/i 30 miles): 18

Libraries (w/i 15 miles): 8

Colleges & Universities (w/i 30 miles): 7

(Information provided by OnBoard LLC, Top Producer systems & estimates by ASAA)

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Homes for sale in Acworth

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