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Search homes for sale in Dallas. Like many of Georgia’s fine cities, Dallas is rich with history. Established Feb 8, 1954 on 40 acres of land, Dallas now encompasses four and a half square miles. Known historically, the Battle(s) of Dallas were a series of Civil War fights fought between May 26 and June 4 of 1864, in close proximity to the city. The Paulding County Government Buildings were located in historic buildings in downtown Dallas until very recently, when they moved to a sprawling new complex to accommodate the growth in the area.

So what is there to do in Dallas? The Silver Comet Trail is just south of Dallas (proper) and is a wonderful opportunity to walk or ride bicycles from Smyrna to the Alabama state line ( ). In downtown Dallas you can find the historical Dallas Theater and Civic Center ( ) , where both live shows and theater opportunities are booked and social rentals are available. There are four parks that include pavilions, playground, swimming pool, tennis and baseball opportunities and volleyball. Some park spaces may be reserved. There are also important organizations such as the Historical Preservation Society and government community watch committees.

For some community statistics: The median age is 31 years and the median income is $38,000. The total population is around 10,000 with a cost of living index of 90 (which means that it is 10% less expensive to live here than the national average). Of the total population 57% are married and 53% are female. Homeowners include 43% of the population and renters are 45%. The Paulding County schools spend an average of $4695 per student ( ) and 70% of the population are high school graduates, with 7.3% college graduates and 2.5% with graduate degrees.

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